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Spring Task Execution API to speeding up asynchronous calls

Is your app running slow… how about making some part of your code asynchronous. Its really easy and 5 minutes task to make it so using Spring Task Execution API. Why to bother about creating your own thread objects, implementing interfaces.

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Eclipse – Unlocking Scrap Page (really powerful)

A scrap page is a small file in which one can try out Java expressions. Yes of-course we can do any crap thing on this page…  🙂 To create a scrap page choose File –> New –> Other –> Java –> Java Run/Debug –>

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Java Best Practices : Part I

Many a times we override default behavior of Object class. we need to take utmost care while overriding those methods by ourselves about their contracts. Moreover, we need to write unit tests for our implementation. Consider using Apache and other libraries. They are

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